Thursday, September 4, 2008

Daily News Mystery

From a new mystery player to Tortorella getting a job, news is indeed picking up this month.

From Spector, it appears that there is indeed a mystery right winger coming our way. I had heard the rumour from less trustworthy sources, and ignored it until now. It seems that Binghamton's beat writer Sharp has indeed spoken with Tim Murray, who says that he has a verbal agreement with a right wing who could challenge for a spot in Ottawa alongside Foligno and Bass, and should be a top 6 forward should he stay in the AHL, if he isn't in the top three. I would forget about suspecting Parrish and Murray; I'd have a hard time believing they could drop from their NHL jobs (and pay) down to potentially landing in the AHL, so I'm wondering if it's some unknown character, or a vet wanting to prove he's still got it.

Sharp also points out that Picard is very likely to be playing with the Sens, considering he'd have to clear waivers to wind up in the AHL, along with the fact that he has solid puckmoving skills and hockey sense, both of which are needed in Ottawa this season. The fact that he reminds us of Tampa's reluctance to include him in the Meszaros trade, along with the fact that Meszaros might well flounder as a team's most experienced defenseman and that both Kuba and Picard could do well alongside our solid defensive stalwarts, well it certainly suggests that they might angrily lash out at us by snatching Picard off waivers. But Tampa's GM wouldn't do that, would he? Oh, right, they don't have a GM... just a few assistant GMs, assistant to the GM, and a director of hockey operations. Hmmm...

Tortorella has come on board to work for TSN as a panelist this season, commenting on 60 games alongside other hosts. He is also joined by ex-NHLer Ray Ferraro. His boisterous style, which was both effective and occasionally distracting behind the bench, should further add to the TSN experience. He might well be able to challenge Don Cherry for viewers looking for wild and crazy commentary (and the Hockey Night theme), and it is only fitting that he takes up the post as a wild and crazy commentator, considering that Barry Melrose, who took over Tampa's bench after his departure, was known for exactly the same kind of material.

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