Friday, September 5, 2008

Rookie Squad Ready for Tournament

The Ottawa Senators today announced that the roster is set for the upcoming rookie tournament in Kitchener. The full roster can be viewed here.

I, for one, am excited to get any kind of Sens action. I will attend the games (hopefully all three, if I can get off work early), and hopefully shortly after the tourney I'll be able to give a rundown of who's looking up this season, whether Nikulin's training with Gonchar and Malkin has paid off, if Regin is as good as I've heard, and what all those boys on amateur (and professional) tryouts have that nobody's seen yet.

I keep marveling at how many new people the Sens keep finding. Of the 23 man roster, 13 players were not at the tournament last year, and nine are on either amateur or professional tryout. It will certainly be a great show, and at only $10 a game, a real bargain.

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