Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Senators Swap Nycholat for Canucks' Shannon

Via KK, MarketWire reports that the Ottawa Senators have traded defenseman Lawrence Nycholat for Right Winger Ryan Shannon.

What does this mean for the Sens? On the plus side, Shannon went 27GP, 5-8--13 for .481P/G, playing 3rd and 4th line minutes. He also happens to have won a Stanley Cup, with the Ducks. You're forgiven for not remembering him though, as he didn't play in the Final against us.

He did play in the other three rounds, appearing in 11 games, with a contribution of 6PIM. That season, he did nearly as well as this one, scoring 2-9--11. Only that was in 53GP, for .208P/G, hardly comparable performance. It'll undoubtedly take some time to see where this spry young lad will fit in (and at 5'9 and 175lbs, this 25 year old is definitely spry), but my guess is that the Sens didn't feel they had anything but excess on defense, and his one-way contract made sense to dump. While the Binghamton Sens will miss the 12-37--49 he contributed in 77GP, for .636P/G, with guys like Bell, Carkner, Lee, Kudelka, and Karlsson, I imagine it would indeed have been that contract that set Nycholat apart. I do with him luck with Vancouver, just as I wish Shannon luck in contributing to one Sens squad or the other, without any injuries I hope.

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