Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sens Sign Forward Brad Isbister

Via KK, marketwire has the Sens signing forward Brad Isbister. Update with more details to follow...

Update - 6:20pm EST

The Ottawa Senators story, which has many tales from Brad's glory days. His lifetime stats (Brad being 31, 6'4 and 225lbs) are 541GP, 106-116--222 for .410 P/G, going -43 with 615PIM. Other than the fact that he's not a right wing (or did I mess that up?), Brad seems to be the man that had been talked about. Indeed, he's not Parrish or Murray, as I suspected, and the two-way deal means he can play for either squad.

Donovan is one of the few Sens that Isbister outproduced last year (excluding the boys with two-way deals). Donovan had 82GP, 5-7--12 for .146P/G, going -3 with 73PIM, while Isbister had 55GP, 6-5--11 for .200P/G, going -4 with 38PIM. For comparison, Foligno had 45GP, 6-3--9 for .200P/G, a +/- of 0 and 20PIM, while Bass had 21GP, 2-2--4 for .190P/G, going -1 with 19PIM.

What does this say? Interestingly, two departures from last season are Lapointe (70GP, 6-7--13, .186P/G, -5, 70PIM) and McGrattan (38GP, 0-3--3, .079P/G, +/- 0, 46PIM). Both averaged at least a PIM/game last season, while Isbister, Donovan, Foligno, and Bass were all under that threshold. Both had less than .200P/G (Grats less than half that), while those who will be in a Sens jersey this season were .146 on the low end, and then .190 with two at .200P/G. What you have now are boys who can be big and mean, but not excessively, with the same non-excess present i their scoring, but they can contribute, with the potential for better results next season too. And, with the exception of Donovan, you wouldn't be surprised to see the rookies or Isbister's two way deal spending a part of the season in Binghamton, which gives Murray better options with better players.

Dare I say, I might even think of Darren McCarty of the Wings, a man who had troubles but found his way, and found his way into a two way deal, when I think of Isbister. The two are not the same, but along with all the moves Murray's made, I can only think of classy players who put their heart into it, and are willing to make sacrifices for the team, in one way or another. I'll say it again, I have hope, and I am really looking forward to seeing the vastly different Sens squad this season. Hurry up and end already, you offseason that has been way too long!

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