Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Parting Shots

Murray makes sure his thoughts on Meszaros are heard, while newly acquired Picard is still in shock.

For all the sensibility of Murray I mentioned yesterday, the man still knows how to shoot from the lip. It seems that he didn't want Meszaros to be out of the city, riding all those stories of how he really wanted to be here, and worked so hard to come to terms with the Ottawa Senators. But why did he leave? Was it the money? Not too likely, since Murray offered a five year deal with a $3.5 million cap hit, along with an even higher hit in a last minute offer. That, and of course there was the KHL offering the same as Tampa, minus our high taxes.

The big shocker comes from Murray mentioning that Meszaros felt that Smith would not be a good enough defensive partner for him. Yes, we're sorry we couldn't keep Chara instead of Redden, but to suggest that Jason Smith isn't up to the task, that is truly insulting. Just makes me happy that Meszaros is now down in Tampa, home of the boys who forced Boyle out of town, and who, in signing Meszaros, still don't seem to understand good cap moves, considering his very back heavy contract. You two, you were made for each other. End fuming.

On a happier note, Picard was indeed in shock when he learned of the deal. It must also be flattering to know that Murray insisted that you were part of the deal. Picard says he sees himself as a transition defenseman, getting the puck out of the zone by whatever means necessary. But no, wait, that's not all (are you listening Meszaros?): he also promises to use his 6'2, 220lbs frame to hit opponents whenever possible. He even has the nerve to think that his defensive maturation will only be aided by the presence of Phillips, Volchenkov, and Smith. What a crazy boy, eh? Pass me some more of that TBL Kool-Aid, please.

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